Gary Tan


Hi, I am Gary. This is not supposed to be a professional bio or profile of some sorts. This is here so that this podcast thing kinda make sense somehow.

I am an aspiring stand up comic that is based in Singapore. I am born and bred Singaporean. I am currently a welder, working for my dad because a guy in the audience screamed “Keep your day job”. My sense of humour comes from what I saw and what I feel most of the time. Sometimes insecurities and sometimes observations. People had described my act using different words. Words like self-aware, dark, goofy, sad, and maybe sorry.

I had a podcast that I am not sure if I have failed. It is called #YourJobSucks. It was a podcast that I talked to people with jobs. Then I decided to reset the podcast and hoping to get a shot again at this podcast thing. I think that is the reason why I call this “Not Again Podcast”. It is just me trying to find out if I can do this again, maybe finding myself again.

This is the podcast where I try to talk to friends or people that I find really cool and interesting. People that I love to meet and hopefully talk for an hour. Usually, there are references that maybe very Singapore-ish. So I guess if you don’t understand certain references, you are not alone.