Not Again Podcast Episode 33- Mazlee Muharram (Re-release)

This is a throwback episode which I had a chat with the teacher when I was 15. It was first release on 16 December 2017

Mazlee Muharram was my former teacher who had influence a huge part of my life and a lot about the pop culture reference that I know. He told me about the surprise that he had when I took the path that I had taken and how he was happy about it. He often wonders what will he be doing if teaching is not the option he chose in life. He also however found the reason why he chose to be a teacher in the first place instead of chasing his dreams. He compares teaching different age group and the fear when people following education system to the tee. He shares the wisdom of the idea in success and trying to find the balance between personal expectations and expectations from others. We in the end discuss about how kids had finally want to do Vlogs and become a Youtuber and Mazlee Muharram questions how can kids realise how they can be relevant with the new technology cycle. 

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