Not Again Podcast Episode 112- Lim Kay Siu

Lim Kay Siu’s life has been a rollercoaster ride so far and surprisingly didn’t intend to be an actor initially. He tells the period of his life that he was lost and how that leads to the passing of his father in his arms which worsen his alcoholism. He shares how he got help with his mental health. Kay Siu tells how he had stumbled into acting and while trying to be with the love of his life, Swee Lin he had gotten the closest thing that he had to traditional education in acting. Swee Lin and Kay Siu have a very sweet and heartwarming love story and Kay Siu recalls how this love story had bonded (pun intended) with Pierce Brosnan. Kay Siu fondly retells the story of his family’s members life and although Kay Siu and Swee Lin still strongly love each other, Kay Siu admits that the love between them needs a lot of work to maintain and how that helps him in being honest and work for him with his emotions. Kay Siu at the end shares his religious faith as well.

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