Not Again Podcast Episode 104- Not Again Podcast Live

In this first ever Singapore and Not Again Podcast Live Recording, I am joined by Keren Bala Devan, Jacky Ng and Sam See. In this historical moment in Singapore, we try to get Milo sponsorship when Nathan Hartono left the room after the podcast before it gets started. Jacky shows the Banana Skin slipping on a man when I try to bring in the topic of Banana Leaf. Sam brought up the minions movies and Jacky tries to explain the movie Boss Baby. Keren explains why he regretted coming to Singapore to do the Live Podcast but happy to be at the Live Podcast recording. Sam tells the story how he came out to his parents and how his parents react to him coming out. Jacky managed to convince us that he is really cool with the story why he doesn’t drink any alcoholic drink. Keren, Sam And Jacky tries to analyse my patreon account with Nikolaj from We Don’t Meant To Dwell Podcast while I try to defend myself why I get a shitty bus ride for Keren Bala Devan.

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