Not Again Podcast Episode 102- Gurmit Singh

Gurmit Singh drops by this Podcast! We discuss the disappointments when it comes to do an interview. I ask how his most iconic character Phua Chu Kang in Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, came about and he admits the fear of doing stand up over acting. He reminisce the days how he got into acting from the days in Haw Par Villa to the job of standing in front of national TV, the need to have dream and ambition and trying to be positive in the social media. Gurmit also shares the story of his parents had met and how he and his wife had met. I admit the fear of having a kid after he tells me how he makes the decision and realising how it is never only “just putting food on the table” for the family. He clears up the air that he has not retire but he decide to take a slower pace revealing his work schedule. We talk about our favourite car. Psst his favourite is Lamborghini. Gurmit Singh reveals behind the scenes and the amount of work in Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd and how his first audition went and become the host for Live on 5!

Please don’t tell the bank that Gurmit had stood in for his dad during the weekends. 

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