Wait. What?

So there is this news in Singapore recently where a Swedish metal band got banned to played in Singapore

Screenshot from: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/watain-black-metal-concert-cancelled-singapore-11320738

To make matters worst, I think there is another petition going around to get another Swedish metal band, Soilwork banned to play in Singapore. This obviously angered the local music scene especially the metal scene in Singapore.

I am shocked to hear this in 2019 and I always find it hard to believe that metal music have been again come to scrutiny under the name of morality. If not people just hate metal, that will make sense since Ikea furniture are mainly plastic or non metal (Hey YO!)

I am happy to have a few recorded conversations with people from the metal scene and we have always thought that metal music has kinda save us. Take a local band Rudra, I have talked to the frontman/bassist Kathir and we have agree that metal music make us feel safe although I have thought of using the word first.

There is one thing that I am happy that there are a lot of people who are not into metal came by and say “This is not good! Let the metal people listen to whatever they want!” I always find that people are usually rational and although I have a lot of friends who are not into metal I think that I am glad that I have not force them with metal music. That said, I am taught that I am in a democratic country and democracy is a political philosophy that majority wins. So what happens?

I have seen a lot of good that happens in the metal music, I have talked to people who listen to both metal music and rap music. I think we are cool. But banning certain music because of morality or security reason is like telling us the dogs are better because dogs bark. Although dogs are better. I don’t know. I hope I made sense.

By the way if you want to listen to the podcast that I had with the metal musicians here is the link

Not Again Podcast Episode 63- Kathir
Not Again Podcast Episode 55- Bo Skullbanger

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