Not Again Podcast Episode 87- Bataa

Growing up in Mongolia, Bataa had always been a city dweller and he tells me that it is also hard for him to be in the nomadic lifestyle. He tells me how the city culture had seep into the countryside and the nomadic lifestyle of Mongolia. I asked about the stand up comedy scene in Mongolia. Bataa explained the logistic of having his own comedy club, UB Comedy Club and describe the constrains of doing comedy at different places such as China. He reveals how he got the whole culture of standup comedy in Mongolia going and advice he took from Joe Rogan. We discuss about Genghis Khan, the difference between Asian culture and the Western culture and the history of Singapore comedy scene. I called him “Lenny Bruce of Mongolia Comedy” after Bataa tells me the reason why he got arrested in doing comedy in Mongolia. He talks about his comedy experience in New York and his chance to get into the famous Kill Tony Podcast. 

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