Not Again Podcast Episode 83- Nikki Wilkinson

Nikki Wilkinson from the Kagools had explained to me about how mimes and physical had integrated into the act and how it was formed. She explains how she and her partner, Claire Ford communicate with the audience and make the audience safe for both them and the audience. She explains how the edit and Kagools’s show.  Coming from Hull, or Kingston upon Hull, Nikki talks about how arts had been infused into the city. We tried to figured out the difference of poverty and homeless and being a struggling artist. She reveals how she deal with her finances while being an artist. 

We discussed about travelling and hanging out with local people, doing the local thing that people do. She talks about her family and leaving her hometown. When she talks about being a blue collar family, we discuss about class systems. We ended talking our favourite drinks and drinking before doing our comedy sets. 

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