Not Again Podcast Episode 82- Annie Chyr/ Marie Wong, Steph Dogfoot

Happy New Year guys! This is the first episode released in 2019! And it is going to be a bang! 2 episodes back to back!

In the first part of the episode, I am talking to the show runners for Siao Char Bor comedy show, Marie Wong and Steph Dogfoot. We talked about our favourite cocktails and shared some embarrassing stories about getting people drunk. When we are explaining how Siao Char Bor came about, We talk about offensive comedy or controversial comedy and how is it being a female comic can be difficult in the comedy world. Steph and Marie make their points about what is it like to be a minority comedy and about having a relationship with the audience. While we are discussing about the freedom of speech about artist and explain the reason I am tired of some comedy mostly coming from the minority group in the community, Steph do a take on the business stand in the industry.

Siao Char Bo Comedy Facebook Page: 

For the second part, Annie Chyr and I recollect how we met each other through Instagram #podcastsg. We discuss about the local podcast scene (shoutout to We Don’t Mean To Dwell) and why audio can sound so intimate and how it become our favourite form of communication. She told me that she was an insurance agent back in Houston, Texas for her father and the story about how her father and his family survived the Vietnam war. We discuss about fighting for survival and success and being honest with our craft of choice. We also talked about provoking with our art. She talked about how she started with her podcast using Anchor and about her show Late Night Talk Sew. 

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