Happy New Year!


It is 2019 now. I still can’t believe it. I mean last year had been fun but I don’t know what to expect in this coming year. Not Again Podcast had been my second podcast and a reboot for #YourJobSucks. Still a project that I had been fun with. Will it go over for the second year? I hope so because the last one didn’t.

I am afraid to plan any goals or have any resolutions for now. I got reminded of a goal recently.

I am going to own my bad writing. I am going to apologise for it as well

I did plan and my homework for this. However, I didn’t realise this. Do I feel any regret about it didn’t happened? I think I should but it didn’t feel as important or urgent for now as it was the last time and I couldn’t remember why I didn’t do it the last time.

That said. It is the new year. I am actually excited for 2019. There are great things are going to happen. Great conversations that I am excited to upload. I hope the outlook for 2019 is the same for you. Hope all of you have your resolutions and goals ready and realised.


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